Jan 24, 2024

Northborne Industry Insights | 2024 Traffic Safety Industry Outlook

Northborne Partners is pleased to announce the release of its 2024 Traffic Safety Industry Outlook. This briefing provides insight into the following areas of the traffic safety market:

  • Macro-economic backdrop shaping the traffic industry outlook for 2024
  • Key dynamics impacting traffic management providers
  • M&A landscape and key attributes driving continued consolidation in the traffic industry

Northborne Partners continues to be very active in the roadway and utility services M&A market. We have compiled our 2024 outlook based on our experience representing multiple clients in the space and conversations with key industry participants.

Please see the following link to download Northborne’s 2024 Traffic Safety Industry Outlook: Northborne Partners 2024 Traffic Safety Outlook

Northborne has also compiled a comprehensive traffic safety industry white paper detailing industry trends and perspectives, key market participants and recent M&A activity. Please see the following link for a preview of Northborne’s Traffic Safety industry white paper: Northborne Market Insights for the Traffic Safety Industry January 2024 Preview

For a copy of the full white paper report, please contact one of the Northborne roadway and utility services team members below.

Paul Jevnick
Managing Director
C: 612-850-5781

Chris Klotsche
Vice President
C: 414-779-1994

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